Saturday, October 29, 2005

Subatomic Mirror

A quantum theory
Of gravity
Is an elegant
Age old race.

To find the grail
Of what's real;
A reflection
Of god's face.


Gravity makes light
A directional change
By correcting the illusion
Of a two dimentional plane.

A curious computation
Of theoretical range
Asks for a logical reverse
On the meaning of age.


Four dimentional characters
Are often united
In seeking their mysteries
Where logic is slighted.

Four dimentional objects
Are never united
While seeking a balance
That can never be righted.

Four dimentional reasons
Are never unguided
In seeking illusions
That can never sighted.

Friday, October 14, 2005


Zero-sum total tempered claims
Disclose and deliver, heat and flames
Ensuring that silent energy wanes
To allow for dark and distrubring shames.


Since the silence
Since the dawn
The emotional revolution
Is gone.

After the capture
After its set
Human evolution
Is met.

Strike 3

A dark energy trance
A dimentional romance
A gravitational glance
Of a physicists last chance.

A Priori

Can a theory
Be wrong
When knowledge
Is gone?

Sunday, October 09, 2005

The End

An ounce of matter
A glance of light
A flick of fate
A forever night.


A difficult assignment
An intelligence wit
A critical reminder
Of what's mentally fit.


A significant moment
Of significant size
An intelligent reminder
Of insignificant pride.